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Future Family

Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.  —Colossians 3:2

Causality is a philosophical term, describing the relationship between two events, understanding the first event to be responsible for (or the cause of) the second. Simply put, we live in a cause and effect world. That is, with every cause, there is an expected and logical effect. Any action, then, eventually turns into an explanation for whatever happens next. From the Cosmos we observe to the communities we love, you could say there’s a reason for everything.

What does that mean for your immediate family? Well, fast-forward five, ten, even twenty years. What will your family look like then? Will everyone still get along? What kind of adults will your children become? Will you even be married to the person you’re with today? We all dream about what we’d like to see happen with our family and, while we can’t predict the future, we can’t afford to ignore it either. The Bible says that what actually does happen to a family is more the result of a strategy than a dream.

Future Family is a new teaching series that will help you identify dynamics that can provide structure for your desired outcomes, give you the necessary building blocks for a home that succeeds over the long haul. 

What would your family look like in the future if their self-esteem reflected confidence but lacked arrogance? What if they forgave one another freely and moved past failure quickly? What if they sacrificed for one another rather than scrambled around for selfish interests? What if they lived above the stress of the world’s demands rather than being buried in them? What if they allowed godly influences to support their efforts to not just survive a pagan culture, but to change it? What if your family continued to live in the light of God’s Word for generations to come?

Let’s not just dream about that kind of future for our families. Let’s make whatever adjustments we can to give that dream a chance. Because, for your family, the future starts now.