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Let the beloved of the LORD rest secure in him. —Deuteronomy 33:12

Andrew is our only begotten son. Sheryl and I gave him that name for a reason—except for Jesus (of course), our favorite New Testament character was Peter’s brother, Andrew. Every time he shows up in the narrative, he’s introducing someone to Jesus. Not just sometimes, but every time. Andrew was all about the Gospel. That’s why we love him—Jesus promoters always stand out in any crowd of Jesus customers. Sheryl’s and my prayer was that our Andrew would live up to that legacy.

Our daughter-in-love Teagan is Andrew’s beautiful wife. Literally. The word beautiful defines her name and the word beautiful describes who she is, both inside and out. 

When they’re son was born, they agreed that his father would make the final decision on the boy’s name. Ace Bruin is now two years old. When Ace’s sister was born, they agreed that her mother would make the final decision on her name. Andie Beloved looks like her mom but her first name was given to honor her dad.

So The Magnificent Seven is now The Elite Eight. Cade is 10 years old. Ryland is 8, Colton is 7, Dawson is 4, Kamdyn is 3, Ace is 2, Kolbie is 1 and Andie is here. Add those up and I have over 35 years experience at being a grandfather. And this I can say with confidence: grandchildren are very intrusive little creatures. It takes each of them about one minute to worm their way into your heart, rearrange your priorities and transform your worldview. Oh, and one other thing. Even though I had little or no input in choosing any of my grandchildren’s names, once I saw them, they could never be anyone else. Each face fit the name perfectly. In other words, the first time I saw each of them, I saw the future too. Eight times later, it happened again. 

While love is both a verb and a noun, beloved is an adjective. It describes a state of being loved. Everyone is loved by someone, but when someone is loved by God, they really have nothing to worry about. Really, nothing! In a volatile world, where insecurity reigns, those who know Jesus can actually rest. Imagine that.

“Let the beloved of the LORD rest secure in him.” That was part of a prayer offered by Moses on behalf of the Tribe of Benjamin, the tribe of Israel named after Jacob’s youngest son. It will be my prayer for my youngest granddaughter as well. 

Andie is my reminder of what she came to do—girls bring people to Jesus too! Beloved, well, beloved of the Lord is most certainly what she is.

So, my little number eight, this is my prayer for you. Come what may, may you, Andie, be relentless for the Gospel and may you, Beloved, rest well in the LORD. 

Welcome to the family. But be warned, young lady. It’s a whacky group.