Thank You, Frankie! will help your kids embrace the most powerful evangelism principle in the world and start them on a lifelong quest to bring the people around them to Jesus.





But thanks be to God, who always leads us as captives in Christ’s triumphal procession and uses us to spread the aroma of the knowledge of him everywhere.  —2 Corinthians 2:14

Think of rejection as if it were a person. Maybe like the kid you never wanted to hang around with or invite him to your parties, but your dad always made you. You knew your father must have had his reasons, but the prospect of that kid being there “again this year” always seemed to take a bit of the happy out of your birthday. It didn’t matter how cool his presents were, I guess you could say that his presents were always overshadowed by his presence. But, your father’s your father, and there are some things you just can’t talk him out of.

Okay, got the picture? Next time this “Rejection” shows up at your place unwanted, spend some time getting to know why your Father in Heaven might want him around?

1—Is God protecting you from a greater problem? Perhaps He sees what the future would hold should things always go your way—and it wouldn’t be better!

2—Is He strengthening you for a future task? Maybe He knows greater challenges are coming down the pike and He wants to ramp you up in your role as an overcomer.

3—Is He teaching you something important? Perhaps about His faithfulness or character.

4—Is He preparing you for greater Kingdom impact? Maybe this experience will serve you well in a more impactful ministry yet future.

5—Is He bringing someone else to Jesus? Are the people in your oikos watching how you handle this kid? Walking upright through a hail of the enemies flaming arrows is always impressive, and your confidence indicates that you know something they don’t. (Someone is more like it!)

But you know God has to be doing something—and there’s an awful long history of those “somethings” being pretty amazing. I mean, you’ve read the stories in both Testaments. The details are bound to differ, but your testimony won’t be fundamentally different from all of those—because Jesus is always the same. When you’re in need, His grace is always sufficient. When you feel hopeless, His Spirit is always there. When you’re confused, His Word is always true. When you’re lonely, His love never fails. When you fail, His blood continually saves. And if that kid shows up at your next party, it’ll be by His invitation. So stay the course—you should be fine. You might not feel like laughing much right now but, in time, you will. As the screenwriter reminded us, comedy equals tragedy plus time. So thanks be to God after all!