January 12, 2015 
Oikos Workshop :: High Desert Church, Victorville, CA (Tom Mercer presenting, interaction with HDC leadership team)

February 28, 2015 
Oikos Workshop :: Christ First Chuch, Covina, CA (Tom Mercer presenting)

March 3, 2015 
Oikos Workshop :: Pacific Church Network Training Day—San Antonio Heights Community Chuch, Upland, CA (Tom Mercer presenting)

April 10-12, 2015 
Men’s Retreat :: Forest Home Christian Conference Center, Forest Falls, CA (Michael Franzese and Tom Mercer presenting)

We continue to receive reports from around the world about the difference that the oikos concept is making in people’s lives. Oikos is not a program, but a perspective, a different way to look at life, and it is revolutionizing the way many people see their church. Church leaders have been impressed with the simplicity of this strategy—how Jesus taught the church to change the world. A number of churches have benefited from Tom’s oikos training. Here are some of their comments:

“I felt that this was the most important series of presentations I have heard at any of our annual meetings or other gatherings in the last decade (and we’ve had some really good meetings, so that’s saying something). I really found myself wishing that we had more time to unpack what Tom was saying and discuss its implementation. This was so simple and simply biblical, it could really be a game changer for many churches. My wife was taking notes furiously and has been talking about it to others since Saturday.”     - Regional Board Member

“Tom came to (our church) and did something few guest speakers do- he did exactly what he was asked to do! He helped spark the implementation of oikos in the lives and ministries of our church. Thank you for an effective ministry.”    - Pastor 

“The content of Tom’s presentation was relevant, clear, and simple. I really appreciated the thought that oikos is not a new idea being introduced but was already happening naturally among believers. His teaching elevated our attention to what is already the most effective means of evangelization. In each session Tom seemed to understand who his audience was and what would be most meaningful to share with them. Overall, I felt like this is not only something that I can be more intentional about applying to my life but also something I can easily pass on to others.”    - Pastor

“From our perspective, you and your team hit it out of the park in that you got the message exactly where we hoped you’d get it with respect to our leaders. You helped give us a foundation stone from which to work that will help us with many of our churches.”    - Denominational Executive 

Tom is available to provide oikos training at your church. Although he remains the primary teacher at his home church, HDC’s team ministry model has created windows of opportunity for Tom to condense the oikos training (principles the HDC family has been raised on) and take it on the road. A typical event at your church might include: 

•  Dialogue between Tom and your staff team

•  Extended training seminars for your church leaders or entire church family

•  Sunday challenges through your worship services

Then, during the month following Tom’s visit, a pastor might consider utilizing Tom’s four-weekend message series while the church’s small groups utilize the 8-15 group curriculum.

Please contact us for details or potential dates.