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Noah did everything just as God commanded him.  —Genesis 6:22

At some point, all of us will find ourselves in a very unique set of circumstances—a predicament we could not predict or a role we did not prepare for. Circumstances like these are beyond our control; however, how we respond to them will reveal the substance of the faith we claim to have. 

Most of us are familiar with Noah, but do you know his last name? Most people don’t know that Noah’s last name was Zark. You may wonder how I know that. C’mon, you haven’t heard the story of Noah Zark?”

Noah is a compelling case study—he represents us. But he wasn’t just faithful to respond to ark-sized challenges. His was also a life through which he had developed a long-term level of faithfulness. The boat wasn’t the first big thing he had ever built—he had already built a titanic life! The Genesis account says that Noah “was a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time, and he walked with God.”

Noah heard God and precisely followed His instructions to build an enormous ship called an Ark. Can you picture yourself building a boat the length of one and a half football fields and as high as a four-story building? An interesting note: the ark was exactly six times longer than it was wide—the same ratio used by modern shipbuilders.

There are only a few things we really know about Noah.

1. He was a simple manWe don’t know what his vocation was. We don’t even know if he knew how to build anything. It may have taken a few years just to learn how to use a saw! He wasn’t a superstar; he wasn’t a standout—except for one thing…

2. He was the most righteous man in the world—Okay, to say that he was the most righteous man in that world wasn’t necessarily saying much, but still! My point is this—we could make a big deal about how, when asked to build the ark, Noah did everything that God asked, but doing everything that God asked wasn’t new to him—he lived his entire life that way. That’s the thing about faithfulness—you don’t get to do big things until you’re faithful with the little ones. You want to do something great for God? Then love your kids and be faithful to your wife and don’t get caught up in the dissipation of the world—do those things and you’ll get your shot!

3. God did things through him that were bigger than him—He built a big boat, a really big boat. He led a group of seven other pioneers to reboot the human race. He was involved in resetting the plan of redemption. Those are not small things. The point is, when we do what God positions us to do, we really have no idea what He intends to do with it. Our fears or hesitation can paralyze us, but our faith just might change the entire course of history.

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