Oikos is not a program. It’s not an event. It’s not an emphasis. It is actually a worldview, a set of lenses through which you plan a day or even a life!  As one who follows Jesus, oikos is a challenge because He challenged the people who placed their faith in Him to radically alter the focus of their lives. And we would like for you to take that challenge! 

  • Find a small group of believers who also want to help the people around them discover the difference that Jesus has made in your lives. 

  • Make a group commitment to get together once a week for three weeks.

  • Each week, use the resources Tom has developed to help you refocus your life around the people God has brought to your doorstep. Read the book, answer the questions, watch the three DVD presentations, fill out the cards and discuss what it means to be a worldchanger.

For years, you’ve believed that your job was to witness to everybody. That’s why you really haven’t witnessed to anybody! Learn how small the world really is and then discover the joy of making a big impact in that small world!